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  1. This is only for IPTV subscription No physical item is included.
  2. Unfortunately, we DO NOT refund after successful purchase since we cannot sell the subscription again once it is activated for you.
  3. Try it for one month for a low price; subscribe to multiple months for further discounts (3, 6 & 12 months)
  4. One account works per one device only.
  5. All IPTV servers are managed by off-shore third-party providers, therefore, we DO NOT have any involvement and control over service and content.
  6. We can only add or remove accounts activation and MAC address change.
  7. NO warranties, NO guarantees or NO refunds can be provided for any sold  IPTV service.
  8. If you cannot accept any of the above-mentioned remarks, IPTV4ME.NET may not be for you.


  1. High-Speed Internet – Suggest a minimum of 5Mbps but highly recommend 10Mbps.
  2. Unlimited Data Bandwidth – Strongly Recommended having this as an option.

Disclaimer: We do not own the servers. We just re-sell, manage and support subscriptions activation & assist you in connecting to their server. Owners of the server have the right to add and remove any channels they wish. If you do not agree with this then IPTV4ME.NET isn’t for you.

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